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Knee Strength
24th Sep


Knee Strength Exercises

Vastus Medialis Obliquis (VMO) for knee stability.

Crucial to the development of knee stability is functional strength of the Vastus Medialis Obliquis (VMO), particularly over the final 2 degrees of extension. Developing strength of the VMO becomes a mind-over-muscle exercise as you need to ‘visually’ focus on the muscle; you need to ‘feel’ the muscle and consciously identify the muscle so that you learn to recruit the contraction of that whole muscle very easily.

VMO Anatomy VMO Pics


The aim is to lock your knee straight when you are doing the extension exercise over a towel (or simply a straight leg raise) by pulling the kneecap upward and inward. It is achieving the last 2 degrees of extension that is critical to performing this exercise correctly. Focus on the VMO as you straighten the knee and think about drawing the knee-cap upwards and inwards as your knee locks into extension. Hard work but very valuable.

VMO Exercise

The other very important exercise for the VMO is single-leg, quarter squats – but to do these correctly you need to engage your pelvic floor and engage your abdominal muscles at the same time. Instruction on how to do these exercises correctly is mandatory. I recommend Andrew Sargent and Kate Senini and their Team at PURE Physio.

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