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10th Feb


Fresh Natural Forest Food

You may have forgotten but that’s an animal that carries your brains around for you! You have to look after it – in fact you are the only one who will be responsible for your ongoing good health 24 hours a day, because nobody else will do that for you. You are your own personal ‘zoo-keeper’ so you need to understand what the human animal needs to be healthy.


Let’s just take a short step back in time – say ten to twenty thousand years. That’s a short step in terms of genetic variation. Just a blink in the course of evolution. Your DNA is basically the same now as it was 20,000 years ago when we were running around the forest, hunting, fishing and foraging for food. And what was available to the ‘cave-man’ (sorry cave dweller) back then? In short – Fresh, natural unprocessed food and it was in short supply too. No supermarkets, no Big Macs. No banquets. No smorgasbords! To eat you had to find your food, catch it, spear it or dig for it. It was difficult to eat excessively as there was just not enough food available when you had to go out and find it or hunt for it every day!

Benefits of ‘Forest Food’

It’s worthwhile considering the benefits of the Paleolithic style of eating. The closer the food is to coming straight off the plant the better it is for you. Straight off the plant, straight out of the stream or straight out of the nest – eggs I mean! Focus on Forest Food for a Fantastic Figure you might say.

Out there in our modern down-town, high tech, digital world you might find great rewards in creating your own local version of the hunter-gatherer diet.

Dietary Diversity

The principle of good nutrition is to maintain dietary diversity. Do you know anyone who eats too many vegetables?  You should aim to be one of these people! Go for variety – vegetables from the red, orange, yellow, green and white varieties every day if possible. Include small amounts of food from a wide range of food groups every meal. A very good way to improve your nutrition is to start every meal with a salad. This way you ensure that you get lots of nutrients before you eat anything else – the ‘main’ meal should of course be somewhat smaller than you currently eat, to complement the larger serve of vegetables.

Vegetable CollectionMeal - Nutritious Beef Salad

Commercially prepared and packaged food is processed and tends to be high in food dyes, chemicals and preservatives – all less than desirable for the human metabolism and to be avoided as much as possible.

Forest Food Philosophy

Hence the aim is to eat fresh, natural, unprocessed food for most meals. You need to cut down on refined carbohydrates – eat lean meat and fish, more vegetables, salads and fruit instead. This is the real Hunter/Gatherer Food. Remember that the closer the food is to coming straight out of the ground the better it is for you.

For more information and personalised nutritional advice from me, your own ‘Human Vet’ please click here to request an appointment with Dr Stephen Jelbart, Nutrition Specialist.

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