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Blood Pressure
29th Apr


Cardiovascular Health – Blood Pressure

Pulse Wave Analysis

My mother, fit and well at age 88, said:

‘You know, when I close my eyes I’m 25, but when I open them I know the machinery is a bit older than that!’

Age in years is not nearly as important as your mobility, energy and vitality – and wouldn’t it be great if you could actually maintain your youth and vigour.  It would be valuable to be able measure it somehow too wouldn’t it? Well, new technology provides that opportunity.  We have a very sophisticated device that determines the elasticity of the arterial system to provide an estimate of your cardiovascular age! It’s called Pulse Wave Analysis (by Sphygmocor).


The heart doesn’t work like a piston, gently squeezing blood out into your arteries. It’s more like hitting a bladder with a sledge-hammer! WHACK! As the blood is ejected from the heart a powerful pressure wave is generated that travels along the arteries and is reflected back to the heart. If you have supple and elastic arteries the pressure wave travels out slowly and is reflected slowly back to the heart. If you have stiff arteries, the pressure wave travels fast and can arrive back at the heart just as the next heart beat occurs. The heart has to eject more blood and has to overcome the returning pressure wave as well. That fast returning wave increases the central blood pressure and puts enormous load on the heart which causes hypertension (high blood pressure) and can eventually lead to heart failure. Not a good situation!

Staying slim and fit keeps your arteries elastic and supple and maintains your work capacity, which is just what you want as you get older. So, quality lifestyle management is obviously very important! What’s quality lifestyle management? QLM is completely covered by these 10 Healthy Habits from Synergy Health!

Pulse Wave Analysis can be done quickly and easily here at the Clinic. It’s just like having your blood pressure taken but you get a lot more important information. We do all your ‘anthropometric’ measurements (that’s height and weight, blood pressure and etc.) and give an estimate of your ideal body weight. You get a 6-page report detailing your current cardiovascular status and your ‘Cardiovascular Reference Age’ plus advice about Lifestyle Management and Nutrition. RRP $45 but our introductory offer is only $35. Just mention Synergy Health. A consultation fee may also apply. Contact us for further details. 03 9944 6222


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